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Blueprint Sessions

Third Saturdays @ 8PM

Raman Gill's work as Arkatekt and Solar Kings is defined by a philosophy of no boundaries, rules or restrictions, allowing him to break down barriers and create freely. Gill's exposure to a diverse palette of sounds, including Punjabi, Middle Eastern, African and Latin music, during his upbringing in Toronto ignited his passion for electronic music. He draws influences from dance music legends like Daft Punk and a wide range of artists such as Sasha, Digweed and The Chemical Brothers, as well as the rhythmic energy of Bhangra. Arkatekt's genre-defying ethnic infused sounds have gained chart success and collaborations with exciting artists such as Pole Folder, Tenerfuse, Kovu and Frømme. Arkatekt is part of a new breed of producers who are more interested in blending sounds from around the world to create their own unique sonic signature, evoking a feeling and transporting listeners to another place with its primal pull to the dancefloor.

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