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DJ Derf

Searchin For A Vibe!

First Sundays @ 3PM

Freddie Collins is a creative jack of all trades from the Inland Empire in Southern California. He has a diverse range of interests, including photography, cooking, graphic design, AV work, storytelling, and painting. However, his true passion lies in music. He has gone through many musical phases, often inspired by different periods in his life, such as the sports he played or the hobbies he pursued. Freddie believes that music sets the mood and creates a vibe in everyday life, and he aims to showcase his own vibe through his music. He has DJed at house parties and had a short-lived residency at the local Six Flags, as well as a few small club appearances. His musical tastes are inspired by his family and friends, and he wants to share his musical inspirations with the world.

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