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Elements of Sound

2nd Thursday @ 8pm

Nick Johnson, also known by his DJ name Zvieri, has been a resident of Portland since 2017. His roots trace back to Michigan, where he grew up heavily influenced by the Detroit underground music scene and spent his teenage years attending warehouse raves. His journey into DJing began in 2009 when a former roommate, who held a residency at a college club, introduced him to the craft. This passion led him to Europe, where he was deeply involved in the London and Berlin music scenes until he decided to take a break from DJing. In 2021, following the tragic loss of his father, who had a unique taste in music, Nick, as Zvieri, rekindled his love for mixing music. Since then, he has been an active figure in the local music scene in Portland, striving to bring about change in the status quo. He has assumed a leadership role with the Mt Tabor Dance Community, a non-profit organization, and is involved with several other community-focused music collectives.

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