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Peace Portal Podcast

Feu Du Camp


As operator of Peace Portal Podcast, an associate of several of the PNW's favorite records stores, as well a DJ on KZAX-FM in Bellingham and both XRAY-FM and Freeform Radio Project in Portland, Forrest Camire has spent the last 10 years building an eclectic selection of records, tapes, and tracks to be shared with his community.

Exploring funk, soul, jazz, hip hop, world music, psychedelia, and electronics in forward thinking mixes and radio shows, Forrest is in it for the love of music as an artform.

Fourth Thursday @ 8PM

House Of Friends



A Producer/DJ/Host from Portland, OR. born to immigrant parents, my musical talents were discovered at an early age through growing up in the church. My musical influences come from my strong sense of curiosity and adventure into things that are lesser known or have yet to be discovered, combined with a musical preference forged from growing up in a culturally—rich African community combined with being raised in an open-minded inner SE Portland community.

Every Other Sunday @ 5pm

The Rotation



Hailing from Santa Ana & now based in Leimert Park, Los Angeles -- ISSAMAU is a DJ & playlist curator.

Mau uses music to bring people together and some of their favorite music genres are: funk, 90’s 2000’s R&B and hip hop, afrobeats, house, and rap. Mau curates a playlist called "the rotation w/ Mau", available on spotify and apple music. Mau's music style is influenced by J Dilla, the Neptune's, Sade, Erykah Badu, Kaytranada & Soulection.

Last Tuesdays @ 8PM

Searchin For A Vibe!

DJ Derf


Freddie Collins is a creative jack of all trades from the Inland Empire in Southern California. He has a diverse range of interests, including photography, cooking, graphic design, AV work, storytelling, and painting. However, his true passion lies in music. He has gone through many musical phases, often inspired by different periods in his life, such as the sports he played or the hobbies he pursued. Freddie believes that music sets the mood and creates a vibe in everyday life, and he aims to showcase his own vibe through his music. He has DJed at house parties and had a short-lived residency at the local Six Flags, as well as a few small club appearances. His musical tastes are inspired by his family and friends, and he wants to share his musical inspirations with the world.

First Sundays @ 3PM

Somebody's Story

Gregory Caruci


Gregory Caruci, an artist and DJ from Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, now based in Portland, brings his signature selection of house music, disco, tech, and Caribbean sounds. His passion for music began in high school when he joined the marching band and connected with percussion instruments. He collected records from his family-owned store, 'El Disco de Oro,' discovering a love for genres such as salsa, merengue, disco, pop, and electronic music. The fusion of music and instruments inspired Gregory to share his music with friends and family and understand music as a different language.

Third Fridays @ 4PM

Electric Factory

Def Bezos


Def Bezos is originally from University Place, WA, and while he always loved music, his interest in DJing didn't begin until he was in college at Oregon. By 2020, he had just started to get booked in clubs when he moved to Seattle for a year, right before COVID hit. He spent a year practicing behind the decks so that once he moved back to Portland in 2021, he was prepared to find new opportunities. Since then, he has played at some of the local venues he had always been a fan of. His musical influences include house legends like Dom Dolla and Chris Lake, rising stars like LF System and James Hype, and classic EDM artists like Audien and Louis the Child. For him, DJing is a passion, a creative outlet, and the glue that connects him to a great community in Portland.

Second Wednesday @ 6PM

Better Together



Jesus Rodales is from Hillsboro, OR. He started his dance career as a freestyler, specializing in Tutting and Popping. Jesus also a Producer of events that are focused on bringing the community together. He is also a former dancer for the Portland Trail Blazers group called “Rip City Crew” and also was the catalyst in bringing Litefeet to Portland. His sights since 2020 have been centered around music production to DJing, and how the music influences movement.

Second Mondays @4PM

Tannic Acid

B. Blahnik


Zach is an Oregon raised DJ and record collector, who fell in love with dance music at the age of 10, when gifted Daft Punk's "Discovery" on CD. His influences span the history of house and techno, from the early Philly sound to Berlin Techno, with vinyl as the preferred medium.

First Wednesday @ 6PM

Round Abouts

David Murray


David Murray, hailing from Cincinnati, enjoys listening to a wide range of music. He creates Roundabouts episodes which serve as standalone chapters exploring themes, regions, ideas, and more. David has a deep passion for learning about references and chasing influences to uncover the hidden depths of music. He aims to share and appreciate how music combines aspects of design, history, culture, and expression to create bookmarks in time.

First Tuesdays @ 10AM

Turn Table Talks

Mango Bass


Mango Bass is DJ/Producer duo that consists of DJ Love & Bass and DJ CMG. These longtime friends are originally from Upstate New York and are currently based in NY and Portland. In their early years they played in the school band together. This is where they both received early classical music training on the saxophone and trumpet. Their DJ influences range from DJ Jazzy Jeff to Disclosure. Their producer influences range from the Neptune's to Jamie XX. Mango Bass's production consists of heavy baselines, groovy drums, and deep melodies. The duo's DJ sets cover a variety genres which often consist of Hip hop, dancehall, UK Garage, RnB, Disco, house, and Afro beat. Their over all vibe embodies their motto, "remember to try new things and listen to new music".

Mondays @ 9PM

P33P Show



p33p.mp3 started a vintage resell brand in 2017 in jacksonville FL. Eventually molding into a brick and mortar store in portland called Vacancy PDX.
music and fashion has always gone hand in hand, so like the many styles in fashion, p33p.mp3 plays a large selection of genres but specializes in techno, jungle, and ghetto house.

Second Tuesday @ 9PM

Sonic Gardens



Tourmaline is a prominent and accomplished Pacific Northwest dj/ producer with a seismic career of translating life through the expression of a dance floor. She has cultivated her sound by infusing her genres of interests into deep, soulful, ethereal, nu-disco-esque house and electronic music that takes you on a journey. Tourmaline’s tireless passion and tenacity for her craft is an energy that can’t be missed. She has been noted for a commissioned song for a NYFW runway show; along with partnership, performances, and panel for SXSW 2013, 2014, 2015 in both Austin and Las Vegas.

Third Thursdays @ 4PM

Hrvst Radio

Hrvst House


Hrvst House is an interdisciplinary production company encompassing events, film production, music and merchandise. For Samewave Radio we are collaborating with DJs in our community that reflect our energy and overall sound.

Thursdays @ 6PM

Wanda's Way

Jon Lewis DeMarquez


Jon has played or been around musicians since the age of 8 . After being introduced to electronic music in high school, Jon fell in love because it was unlike anything he'd heard in his parents house when he was younger. Jon has dj'ed off and on since 2010 and have always loved controlling the flow and mixing in all sorts of genres

Third Sundays @ 7PM

Moods & Tunes

Tocka Girl


Hailing from Oakland Helen is a classic open format DJ providing sounds ranging from Hip-Hop & RnB to House and Indie. Every episode is guaranteed to bring the energy and get you though your Mondays.

Second Mondays @ 8PM

Chant Babylon Down

Bitter Camari


Bitter Camari, raised in NYC, has been deeply influenced by the New England and Caribbean cultures of her parents. This diverse background has recently turned her ear towards genres like UK drill, Afrobeats, and various music forms from across the diaspora.

She is an ardent fan of dub and ambient music, cherishing activities like sleep, drinking tea, enjoying solitude, and spending quality time with her close ones.

Camari witnessed the rise of cloud rap, marked by artists like Lil B, Xavier Wulf, and Yung Lean. She fell in love with the sound, and it has significantly influenced her approach to music and writing ever since. Writing is a passion for her, and much of her focus in her artistic work is dedicated to it.

1st & 3rd Thursday @ 9pm

Elements of Sound



Nick Johnson, also known by his DJ name Zvieri, has been a resident of Portland since 2017. His roots trace back to Michigan, where he grew up heavily influenced by the Detroit underground music scene and spent his teenage years attending warehouse raves. His journey into DJing began in 2009 when a former roommate, who held a residency at a college club, introduced him to the craft. This passion led him to Europe, where he was deeply involved in the London and Berlin music scenes until he decided to take a break from DJing. In 2021, following the tragic loss of his father, who had a unique taste in music, Nick, as Zvieri, rekindled his love for mixing music. Since then, he has been an active figure in the local music scene in Portland, striving to bring about change in the status quo. He has assumed a leadership role with the Mt Tabor Dance Community, a non-profit organization, and is involved with several other community-focused music collectives.

2nd Thursday @ 8pm

Global Bounce Radio

DJ Nayiram


Global Bounce Radio" is a one-hour radio show that brings the latest and greatest in Amapiano, Afrobeats, Global Club Sounds, Edits, and Remixes to listeners. The show will feature a mix of popular songs and underground hits, as well as exclusive remixes and edits from up-and-coming DJs and producers.

Third Tuesdays @ 7PM

Global Based: Rewind

Global Based


Global Based is a collective that blends modern rave culture with global sounds. We showcase our perspective across multiple genres and styles by carefully curating events that bridge the gap between dance music, community, and culture. Global Based was created to celebrate and nurture our community while also promoting a diverse and sonically inclusive atmosphere.

Last Sundays @ 7PM

Blueprint Sessions



Raman Gill's work as Arkatekt and Solar Kings is defined by a philosophy of no boundaries, rules or restrictions, allowing him to break down barriers and create freely. Gill's exposure to a diverse palette of sounds, including Punjabi, Middle Eastern, African and Latin music, during his upbringing in Toronto ignited his passion for electronic music. He draws influences from dance music legends like Daft Punk and a wide range of artists such as Sasha, Digweed and The Chemical Brothers, as well as the rhythmic energy of Bhangra. Arkatekt's genre-defying ethnic infused sounds have gained chart success and collaborations with exciting artists such as Pole Folder, Tenerfuse, Kovu and Frømme. Arkatekt is part of a new breed of producers who are more interested in blending sounds from around the world to create their own unique sonic signature, evoking a feeling and transporting listeners to another place with its primal pull to the dancefloor.

Third Saturdays @ 8PM

Identity Theft



Gitanos grew up listening to music with his uncle who was a big rock n roll fan in Mexico City during the 90s. His name comes from a collective of friends called the Gitanos. Gitanos has been DJing for about 5-6 years now but only started taking actual gigs last year due to his dissatisfaction with the music industry's operation on ego, cliques, and favors. He aims to provide a glimpse of what real community and culture in music should look like with his space in the industry, specifically with house music in Portland. For him, it's not about DJing or himself; it should solely be about the music and the dance floor.

Second Mondays @ 6PM

The Eddie Gatos Show

Eddie Gatos


Eddie Gatos was born in Mexico and grew up listening to a lot of reggaeton and Latin music. At the age of 8, he started getting into hip-hop and eventually discovered EDM around the age of 12. He likes to describe himself as the human equivalent of an everything bagel, with a wide range of musical tastes. However, ultimately it is house music that has captured his heart.

Second Sunday @ 8PM




Fav Wav, originally from the Bay Area, learned the art of DJing from a mentor and developed a passion for it. With many years of experience under their belt, Fav Wav has not only DJed but also produced their own music. Their musical influences stem from a mix of hip hop and Latin music, but they are constantly seeking to expand their musical tastes. One of Fav Wav's current favorite DJs is Hot Since 82.

First Tuesdays @ 8PM

Assorted Flavors



Vnprt was born in Portland but grew up between there and the southern states of Mississippi, Atlanta, and Florida. He has loved music since childhood, enjoying all genres from rock to house, hip-hop, R&B, jazz, and more. As a Black man who was once chastised for his love of many genres, he strives to connect the dots between contemporary music and the origins that acknowledge Black creativity in the midst of adversity.

Sundays @ 6PM

Moment In Time



A Massachusetts native and grew up listening to a wide range of music from his parents from hip-hop, jazz, to world music. He is inspired by the hip hop Dj greats such as Jazzy Jeff & DJ Premier and eventually found a different sound through the likes of DJ’s such as Joe Kay. His show is a well rounded introduction into who he is as well as the music he has been influenced by.

Third Monday @ 6PM

AM to PM



Dillon Bartell grew up in a musical home, listening to his parents’ record collection and playing a variety of instruments since childhood. After relocating from Sacramento to Portland in 2015, he started his own collection from the dusty crates of record shops around the city. Drawing from a range of sounds and eras including house, disco, electro, punk, and avant-garde, Dillon takes listeners on a monthly musical walkabout through the garden to the club and everywhere in between.

First Sundays @ 8PM

Escape w/ CEA



Born in the UK and moving to London at 18, CEA has always been inspired by the mix of culture and underground dance music happening in the city. Now based in PDX she brings the sounds of the UK to the west coast with a mix of old and new UKG, breaks and euphoric dance moments.

Second Saturday @ 3PM

Shifting Energy



Centered around wellness, spirituality, and energy, Sterling brings brings you selections that span numerous genres as well as insights into helping everyone learn a little bit more about themselves and everything this world has to offer.

Second Mondays @ 6PM

The House that Soul Built



Auxpope is a Jamaican-American DJ raised in Portland, OR. Since beginning to DJ in college he's found a lifelong passion. With a focus on disco, funk, soul and house Auxpope is here to ring in your Sunday's right.

Last Sundays @ 5PM

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